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General Information

All members of the Concert Orchestra must perform a brief audition for the conductors at the beginning of each semester. Auditions are held a few days before classes begin or during the first week of each semester.  There is also the option for a recorded audition.  

String players who are music majors should take the audition for Symphony Orchestra and may be placed in the Concert Orchestra based on the outcome of the audition. String players placed in Symphony Orchestra wishing to participate in Concert Orchestra additionally may request to do so to the Concert Orchestra staff, who will determine placement in conjunction with Professor Noe.

Wind and percussion players must perform an audition for Concert Orchestra, regardless of whether they take the College of Music Wind and Percussion audition for placement in the concert bands and Symphony Orchestra.

Spring 2018 Auditions

There are two options for auditioning for Concert Orchestra:

A Recorded audition


A Live Audition

Instructions for both audition types can be found below.

Recorded Audition Instructions

Step One:  Sign in to Google Classroom at 

Step Two:  In the top right-hand corner, click Join or Enroll in Class

Step Three:  Enter the Classroom Code: r2cnwc

Step Four:  Click on Spring 2018 Auditions Tab and Submit Either Video or Audio. 

If you have two excerpts assigned, use both folders.  If you recorded both excerpts in one file, go ahead and submit in the first folder.

Live Audition Scheduling

Live Auditions for the Spring of 2018 auditions will be between Saturday 6th and Monday January 8th in room 233 of the Music Building.

To sign up for an audition time, please do so online at 

Please note that alternate/additional times may be requested other than the dates stipulated, especially if all times on the dates above are full. Inform us of your conflict and we'll try our best to be accommodating. Please contact us at 


The audition will consist of excerpts selected from Rimsky-Korsakov's Capriccio Espagnol.  Please click on your respective instrument below to download the PDF file of the audition materials.









Violin I*

Violin II*




*Violinists may audition playing either the Violin I or II excerpts. If accepted, every effort will be made to place the player in his/her desired section, although MSUCO's staff cannot guarantee this outcome. 

**If you are a percussionist and would like to audition, please contact Evan Harger and Soo Han directly at



Email the CO Staff