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Fall 2017 Symphony Orchestra Auditions

Updated: 08/04/2017, 2:47:58 PM

String players who are music majors must take the audition for MSU Symphony Orchestra (MSUSO) regardless of their intended ensemble unless it is cleared by Professor Noe in August. Blind audition will determine placement in either Symphony Orchestra or Concert Orchestra. SPECIFIC AUDITION TIMES HAVE NOT YET BEEN ASSIGNED.  Please email Soo Han, orchestra manager, at if you have any questions.

Wind and percussion players are selected based on the outcome of the wind/percussion audition. Click here for wind/percussion audition information.

Fall 2017 Auditions
MSUSO String Auditions for the Fall Semester will take place on Saturday, August 26th (Violins and Viola) and Sunday, August 27th (Cello and Bass).  ALL AUDITION TIMES HAVE NOW BEEN ASSIGNED AND SENT TO INDIVIDUALS VIA E-MAIL.  If you DID NOT receive an audition date and time, please e-mail Soo Han, orchestra manager, at immediately!  

The audition will include 3 components:

1.  brief solo (2 Minute max) of your choice (any style, genre);

2.  Excerpts from fall concert repertoire.  Exact excerpt list & COMPLETE parts are now available for practice below.

3.  Excerpts from standard orchestral excerpts. Some of the standard excerpts have been provided in excerpt form online, but most are simply lists of the excerpts required with movement and measure numbers as one often finds at a professional audition. If the actual parts are not provided in the online folder for your instrument, then you are responsible for acquiring these on your own and preparing them.  All of these excerpts are very standard and widely available online. One simple resource that has most of these and is one that Prof. Wang recommends is: 


PRIOR TO THE AUDITION, please be sure to fill out audition information questionnaire online at: