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MSU Orchestras

The MSU Orchestras perform a wide and varied repertoire selected from both the well established masterworks of the orchestra and newer works by recent and living composers on their way to being part of that legacy. Welcome to our website, where you may learn who we are and what we are about.


Director of Orchestras

Kevin Noe


Fall 2018 Auditions

Audition information is posted for both Symphony and Concert Orchestras for the Fall semester, 2018.  Please follow the appropriate links below:

Symphony Orchestra Auditions

Concert Orchestra Auditions

Musique 21 Info

Musique 21 is an assigned ensemble. Students who are in the Symphony Orchestra/Wind Symphony pool, you may be assigned to play Musique 21 for one concert during the semester. This will take the place of participation in the Symphony Orchestra or Wind Symphony for that particular concert cycle.  

Musique 21 will meet either during the MWF 3:00-4:50 orchestra time, or during the MWF12:40-2:30 time depending on the cycle.